Effective July 1, 2009, Indiana law requires all new employees and volunteers to obtain an Expanded Criminal History Check. This includes substitute teachers, parent volunteers, NYO Coaches, etc. Northwestern has contracted Safe Hiring Solutions to provide background check services to our applicants, employees and volunteers.

Northwestern is a member of a consortium that has the ability to share your Expanded Criminal History Check reports from Safe Hiring Solutions with other participating schools. This is particularly beneficial to substitute and student teachers, or applicants applying to multiple districts for employment. If you wish to order a report that will be available to other member schools, click here: Safe Hiring Solutions - CONSORTIUM SHARED CHECK

If you want to order a background check that will be available ONLY to Northwestern Schools (certified new hires, non-certified new hire employees, parent volunteers, NYO coaches, etc), click here: Safe Hiring Solutions - NORTHWESTERN ONLY CHECK

CURRENT NORTHWESTERN STAFF MEMBERS (teachers, custodians, secretaries, food service, bus drivers, ia's): click here: NORTHWESTERN CURRENT STAFF