From The Principal's Desk

Welcome to Northwestern High School’s homepage. At NHS you will find caring adults that are more than willing to help your child succeed, matched with high expectations in academics, co-curriculars, and athletics.

As we open this school year, I encourage parents and students alike to engage in the educational process at Northwestern by communicating with teachers, counselors, and administrators. It is through this process that we find a common goal, student success.

If your child is currently in 7th grade, I encourage you to contact our Student Services department to talk about what credits are available for your child to take in 8th grade for high school credit. By taking high school credit in middle school, students have an opportunity to open up their junior and senior year in high school, allowing them time to explore careers and interests through hands-on service learning or advanced learning. Currently, Northwestern offers the following classes for high school credit to 8th graders: Spanish 1 or German 1 (only to students meeting the prerequisite), Introduction to Agriculture, Introduction to Engineering and Design, Introduction to Computer Science, and Introduction to Business.

At the high school level, we have many teachers that have undergone the daunting task of taking more college classes in order to offer students at Northwestern the best education in the county. Currently, these teachers are offering IU credit in English (W131 and L202), Public Speaking (S121), Business (X100), and History (H105 and H106), Calculus (M211), Computer Science (C102), and Biology (L100). Currently, Northwestern High School offers over 30 IU credits at only a fraction of the cost!

Beyond college credits at the high school, Northwestern has partnered with surrounding schools to offer students the opportunity to travel for a class or set of classes that are within their interests. Please contact Student Services for more information.

As you enjoy all extracurricular activities at Northwestern High School this Fall Semester, I encourage you to abide by the County Health Guidelines so our students can continue to participate in athletics. Your support in this matter helps kids maintain some sense of normalcy this year. Together, we can help student athletes compete and finish entire seasons.


Tim Shoaff