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Middle School Curriculum Resources

This is a placeholder for future information about middle school curriculum resources.  Please return to this page at a later date for new and updated information.

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Seventh Grade Curriculum

7th Grade English/Language Arts7th Grade English/Language Arts

7th Grade Fine Arts7th Grade Fine Arts

7th Grade Science7th Grade Science

7th Grade Social Studies7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Health/Phys Ed7th Grade Health/Phys Ed

7th Grade Math7th Grade Math

Eighth Grade Curriculum

8th Grade English/Language Arts8th Grade English/Language Arts

8th Grade Fine Arts8th Grade Fine Arts

8th Grade Science8th Grade Science

8th Grade Social Studies8th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Health/Phys Ed8th Grade Health/Phys Ed

8th Grade Math8th Grade Math

Common Curriculum Areas


Business Information TechnologyBusiness Information Technology

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