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Welcome to Northwestern Special Services!

Welcome to Northwestern School Corporation's Special Services Website. We serve children from  the age of three years up to and through the age of 22.  We are a high performing academic  school district . Our students under the subcategory of special education as monitored by the Indiana Department of Education has made adequate yearly progress for six straight years.

The followng  are  the state identified disability programs  provided for students in our district.

Autism Spectrum Disorder      Language Impairment     Blind Low  Vision       Speech Impairment

Cognitive Disability                Multiple Disabilties          Deaf hard of Hearing  

Other Health Impaired

Developmental Delay             Orthopedic Impairment   Emotional Disability  

Traumatic Brain  Injury

In addition to the above programs, should a child need more intensive services, we contract with the Kokomo Area Special Education Cooperative for services such as Moderate Cognitive Disability,Autism, and Servere Cognitive Disability  depending on the needs of the student and the most appropriate program for that particular child. Northwestern School Corporation also benefits from other services provided by KASEC such as school psychologists, educational diagnostiticans,  occupational therapists, physical therapists, audiological evaluatons, autism consultants, behavior consultants, orthopedic consultants, as well as teachers licensed in the area of visual impairment as well as deaf and hard of hearing. Related  services are  provided when necessary for Northwestern to succeed in providing a quality education for all students who have disabilities.  Northwestern also provides homebound services when necessary to students who are ill and unable to attend school. Preschool services are provided to preselected agencies in the community. Also, students who attend private schools in our district may receive some benefit from Northwestern and the Kokomo Area Special Education Cooperative. We hope this website with the listed weblinks to other government agencies  and not for profit organizations is helpful to you.

Special Education Organizations
Kokomo Area Special Education Cooperative
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